During the opening for this piece, an unaware viewer accidentally shuffle-stepped through the glasses causing the water to spill and run across the floor. It was entertaining to see the viewer's alarmed expression as well as the reactions of the other people witnessing the accident.

ten thousand shot glasses, blue dyed water
1.5 in x 35 ft x 30 ft

I recorded one 90's rock song per side on 200 cassettes (a total of 400 songs). These cassettes were wound to hold only 5min per side, and I labeled each side with a specific memory pertaining to that specific song. I recreated a 90's era living space and piled these tapes in the center of the room with cassette walkman to play them with. People sorted through my memories and listened to music while sifting through books strewn on the floor or watching a screening of Willy Wonka running in reverse and without sound.

Junkyard Dub
90's rock songs on cassette tapes, cassette walkman, bean bag chairs, tapestries, various personal items, Willy Wonka (silent and screened running backwards)
9 ft x 16 ft x 10 ft

woven crepe paper party streamers, wood framing, mirrors
8 ft x 16 ft x 4 ft

The audio for this piece was a deep and full white noise that rumbled from behind the door within the room. The sound created vibrations on the surface of the water in the glasses.

wood, door, chair, water, light, white noise audio
8 ft x 9 ft x 9 ft

stone, slate, plaster, twine, water
40 ft x 15 ft x 15 ft
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