My 'mad scientist' approach to art making creates inventions that flirt between dangerous and violent verses lighthearted and playful interactions.  These creations illuminate the inherent (but often overlooked) strangeness of everyday objects that I collect as they relate to mechanical functions.  By developing relationships with these objects through the process of taking them apart, I transform the history within them to make fictitious, strangely integrated, yet well-crafted combinations.

A strong blue collar background influences my particular attention to function, repair, and maintenance.  As I disassemble my objects, I study their parts and how they work.  I get a sense of the interrelationships between dissimilar items, and I play with ways of combining distinct parts with opposing objects.  I create a sensible appearance out of a set of incoherent sensibilities, and I manipulate the inherent stories contained within these familiar objects to re-contextualize them into something foreign.

I imagine the personalities contained within the objects I collect, and I think about the functions they perform the best.  By tempting the viewer an interaction, I intensify our impulse to operate objects for their intended purposes.  However, by opposing natural functions, I challenge the associations we have with everyday items.  While still referencing their origins, new personalities develop within familiar objects, and interwoven relationships are established between unrelated items.
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